Milanesa al Plato       $16.95
Beef cutlet

Milanesa Napolitana $18.95
Beef cutlet with homemade marinara sauce &  mozzarella

Milanesa Nico               $18.95
Chicken breast with mushroom dijon cream sauce

Milanesa de Pollo      $16.95
Chicken breast

Milanesa Capri             $19.95
Chicken breast topped with field greens, tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella

Milanesa Suprema      $18.95
Chicken breast topped with ham & cheese

Common dish served in Uruguay originating from Italy.  Typically thinly sliced beef or chicken breaded and pan fried.

From the Grill

Brochettas                        $18.95
Beef kabobs on a bed of Spanish rice

Costillas de Cordero    $37.95
Three lamb chops

Bife de Lomo                      $37.95
Filet of beef tenderloin

Bife Ancho                          $38.95
15 oz Ribeye

Costillas de Cerdo         $18.95
Two Pork Chops

Pechuga a Las Brazas    $16.95
Breast of chicken

Salmon                                $21.95

Gambas a la Parrilla     $19.95
Bacon wrapped shrimp over a bed of Spanish rice

Verduras a La Parrilla $14.95
Grilled carrots, zucchini & squash with roasted potatoes, Spanish rice and two bruchetta

Sopa de puchero  $5.95/$8.95
Beef broth with chicken, potatoes, carrots, corn, sweet potatoes &  beef  

SOPA DE LENTEJAS  $5.95/8.95
Lentil soup with sausage

Ensalada mixta                  $5.95
Mixed greens with tomatoes, onions, carrots & vinaigrette

Ensalada de la casa         $5.95
Field greens, tomatoes & vinaigrette

Tomate & cebolla             $7.95
Tomatoes, onions , crumbled blue cheese & oregano vinaigrette

Palmitos                                $8.95
Hearts of palm over field greens with salsa golf

Ensalada Capri                   $10.95
Tomatoes, basil & fresh mozzarella served over field greens

Ensalada Entraña    $17.95
Grilled steak with mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, blue cheese & vinaigrette

Ensalada Camerones $17.95
Bacon wrapped shrimp with field greens, tomatoes, onions, hearts of palm & vinaigrette

Ensalada Salmon     $17.95
Grilled salmon with field greens, tomatoes, onions, mango & vinaigrette


All Milanesas served with roasted potatoes

Empanadas                     $2.75
Beef, Spinach & Cheese, Corn or Ham & Cheese

Provoleta                      $8.95
Baked provolone over sliced tomatoes & oregano

Chorizo & Morcilla   $10.95
Grilled sausage & blood sausage

Mollejas                          $10.95
Grilled Sweetbreads

Oysters Saldivia          $14.95
Baked with spinach and bacon

Bruschetta                    $6.95
Served hot with provolone, tomato
and oregano over field greens

Gambas a la parilla   $16.95
Bacon wrapped shrimp

Fiambres surtidos      $18.95
Cold cuts, cheeses and olives


​Saldivia's South American Grill​




​All Grilled items  served with grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes

Gnocchi                               $16.95
Gnocchi with homemade marinara & sliced sausage

Grilled Chicken Pasta             $18.95
Penne pasta served in a parmesan cream sauce with mushrooms, spinach, and grilled chicken

Capelletti a La Caruso   $16.95
“Pope’s Hat” pasta stuffed with cheese in a creamy “Caruso” sauce

Ravioles de Espinaca     $14.95
Spinach ravioli with homemade marinara

Ravioles de Queso          $14.95
Cheese ravioli with homemade marinara

Asado                               $22.95
Boneless beef short ribs

Entraña             $25.95/$31.95
Traditional Uruguayan Skirt Steak

Steak Nicole                  $27.95
Entraña topped with roasted peppers, onions &  provolone cheese

Vacio                  $20.95/$26.95
Thicker cut of  ENTRAÑA

Mollejas                        $16.95

Parrillada                      $49.95
Mixed grill with vacio , boneless beef short ribs, sausage, & chicken breast (for 2)

Parrillada Completa $49.95
Mixed grill with vacio, boneless beef flat ribs, sausage, mollejas and morcilla (for 2)